2019百威中国供应链卓越人才(Supply Excellent Talent)项目招聘_校园招聘

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2019百威中国供应链卓越人才(Supply Excellent Talent)项目招聘_校园招聘 百威是一家上市公司(欧洲交易所代码:ABI),总部位于比利时鲁汶。百威是全球的啤酒酿造商,也是全球五大消费品公司之一。公司业务遍及全球50个国家和地区,拥有员工约200,000名,多元化的业务版图和在成熟及新兴市场的均衡发展,使得百威得以发挥综合优势,不断取得骄人的成绩。2018年,《财富》杂志世界500强第170名,公司业务正蓬勃发展。 Anheuser-Busch Inbev is a publicly listed company (Euronext: ABI), based in Leuven, Belgium. We are the world s leading brewer and the top five consumer goods companies in the world. We have around 200,000 colleagues in over 50 countries. The diversified business landscape and balanced development in mature and emerging markets have enabled ABI to take advantage of its comprehensive strengths and achieve outstanding results. In 2018, ABI was ranked 170th in the world's top 500 by Fortune. The company's business is still booming. 创新亚太 亚太区是富有活力和创造力的区域之一,总部设在上海。亚太大区包括了中国、澳大利亚、新西兰、韩国、日本、印度、越南等亚太地区的重要国家。亚太大区变得更加强大、更有动力,并让我们与市场及消费者联系更加紧密,持续赢得胜利。 APAC zone is one of the most dynamic and creative zones in ABInBev, with the headquarter in Shanghai. The APAC zone includes countries in the Asia-Pacific region ---China, Australia, New Zealand, South Korea, Japan, India and Vietnam. The APAC zone will make us stronger, more dynamic and will bring us closer to the market and our consumers so that we continue to win. 活力中国 百威拥有众多在中国家喻户晓的啤酒品牌,包括高端的百威啤酒和全国品牌哈尔滨啤酒,超高端的时代、科罗娜、乐飞、福佳啤酒。目前,百威在中国十几个省建立了30多家啤酒厂,员工总数近29,000人。中国已经成为百威啤酒重要的市场之一。2018年7月,百威获南方周末中国企业社会责任评选 年度责任企业 及 年度责任案例 大奖。百威中国多次获得中国典范雇主和中国年度雇主。 ABInBev has many well-known beer brands in China, including global brands Budweiser, Corona, Leffe, and Local Champion brands Harbin. At present, ABInBev has established more than 30 world-class breweries in more than a dozen provinces in China, with a total employee of nearly 29,000. China has become one of the most important markets for ABInBev. In July 2018, ABInBev is Rewarded Best CSR Company and Responsible Drinking as Best CSR Case of the Year by Southern Weekend. Also, ABInBev has repeatedly won Employer Excellence China 2017 and China Best Employer Award . 更多公司信息请登陆www.ab-inbev.cn或www.ab-inbev.com For more information, please click at www.ab-inbev.cn and www.ab-inbev.com 百威中国供应链卓越人才(Supply Excellent Talent)项目简介(以下简称SET): 总体介绍: SET项目旨在吸引和聘用毕业生,并通过提供全面有效的培训与辅导,广阔充分的职业发展机会及管理层持续的高度关注,帮助你快速成长为供应链与物流生产领域未来的专家和。公司为SET所规划的职业发展路径是入职后3-4年内成长为工厂部门经理或区域/全国职能部门经理,5-6年成长为酒厂厂长,7-8年成为大区运营总监或总部职能总监。加入本项目,你将获得: 一年期带薪培训、跨部门轮岗和领导挑战性项目的机会 高级管理者担任导师并持续关注 的管理者和SET前辈担任培训师和伙伴 快速的成长通道及国际化的发展机会 Overview: ABInBev Supply Excellent Talent program attracts and employs the brightest graduates and helps them to be our future experts and leaders by giving comprehensive and effective trainings, broad career development opportunities and the highest attention paid by our management team. The career path that ABInBev sets for SET is to get the position of Department Manager/Function Manager in 3-4 years, Brewery Manager in 5-6 years, and Brewery Operations Director (BOP)/Zone Function Head in 7-8 years. Join this program, you will gain: 1-Year Paid Training Cross Function Rotation Support from Senior Managers SETs as Mentors Buddies Rapid Career Path 1.项目要点: 入职时间: 2019年7月 入职地点: 年培训期地点包括湖北武汉、广东佛山、黑龙江哈尔滨、福建莆田 定岗方向: 根据个人意愿和公司业务需求,定岗在亚太总部、中国区总部以及几十家工厂的生产部门和职能管理部门 生产部门包括:酿造部、包装部、技术支持部、质量部、物流部 职能管理部门包括:人事部、安全与环境部、计划与绩效部 有影响的成长道路: 一年期带薪培训 广泛了解供应链与物流,深入学习岗位技能,全面提升个人能力 亚太区总部季度汇报和集中培训 系统化的学习、挑战性的汇报、专业化的导师团队 百威亚太大学 的培训典范企业,提供国际化的培训体系和培训方案,助力个人职业发展 受关注的百威新人: 更多陪伴 丰富的SET活动,精彩的SET文化,温暖的SET团队 更多目光 高层管理者的直接关注,前辈的严格培训,公司同事的热切期待 更多机会 独立领导挑战性项目,深入参与供应链与物流领域发展,快速通畅的职业通路 诱惑性的薪酬福利: 关于MONEY:SET享受有竞争力的薪酬待遇、国家法定福利(五险一金等) 福利PLUS:补充性商业医疗保险、地方性法定福利、班车接送、免费自助工间餐、免费工作服、定期的福利酒、生日礼物与节日活动、法定福利假期和公司福利假期 更多项目信息请登录:http://www.ab-inbev.cn/professionSupply.php Key points about the program: On Boarding: July 2019 Training Location: First year training based in Wuhan, Foshan, Harbin, Putian Career Development: According to your choice and job vacancy, your orientation will be in the production department or the functional department in APAC HQ, China HQ or breweries Production Department: Brewing, Packaging, Technical Service, Quality and Logistics Functional Department: People, Environment Safety, Plan and Performance Management Opportunities: 1-year paid training in different department---You can have a better understanding of Supply and Logistics and have the chance to learn skills to improve your personal abilities APAC Headquarter training and presentation---Professional mentors assist you to learn and grow APAC University---There are plenty of learning resources in APAC University to prepare you for your fast-track career in ABInBev Attention: Interesting SET activities and warm SET family Attention from function heads and training from excellent mentors Meeting challenges to have an accelerated career Benefit: Rewarding salaries Commercial medical insurance, shuttle bus, free meals, free uniforms, regular welfare beer, birthday present and holiday activity and legal holidays For more information, please visit: http://www.ab-inbev.cn/professionSupply.php 2.资质及能力素质要求: 希望你永葆初心: 2019年毕业的应届生 或2017年及以后毕业且全部工作经验少于2年的同学 希望你学有所成: 本科学历及以上,专业不限,生产业务部门、职能支持部门的相关专业优先。 希望你技能满满: 具备的英语听、说、读、写能力,CET-6及以上 熟练应用Office软件及常用计算机应用 希望你多姿多彩: 热情、有活力、亲和力强,具备良好的沟通合作能力 勤奋踏实、自我驱动、责任心强、以结果为导向 身体健康,无传染病 希望你积极奋斗: 可接受跨国家、跨地区、跨部门工作 Qualifications: Current university students Recent university graduate with no more than 2 years full-time working experience Bachelor degree or above, no limit in majors. However, majors related with production departments and function support departments are preferred Excellent English in writing and oral, passed CET-6 at least Proficient in Microsoft Office and basic computer skills Enthusiastic, energetic, , good at communication and cooperation Self-driven, result-oriented, and highly responsible In good health High mobility and able to relocate domestically and internationally 3.招聘流程: 在线申请 在线测试 英语测试 商业案例游戏 小组面试 发放录用信 Recruiting Process: Online Application Online Test English Test Business Game F2F Interview Offer 4.申请方式: 1.网申链接:访问http://sina.lt/fF3H,点击Apply Online。 JOIN US 1.Click: http://sina.lt/fF3H,and Apply Online。 5.网申截止时间: 2018年10月18日 Deadline: OCTOBER 18, 2018 6.校园宣讲安排: 关注微信公众号:ABISET,获取实时更新的校园行程安排,宣讲时间为9月中旬至10月下旬。 Follow our official wechat account:ABISET for more details about campus recruitment 7.面试安排: 地点:全国分别在华中科技大学、江南大学、中国农业大学、哈尔滨工业大学、华南理工大学、福州大学设有考场 时间:10月25日到11月25日之间(具体每轮面试的时间和教室等详细信息会在面试通知时沟通) Interview: Location: Huazhong University of Science and Technology/Jiangnan University/China Agricultural University/Harbin Institute of Technology/South China University of Technology/Fuzhou University Time: OCT.25-NOV.25 (You will be informed of the detail before the interview.) 8.咨询方式: 如您对本项目、流程、或申请方式等有任何问题,请以 咨询:姓名-XX学校-XX专业本科/硕士 为标题,发送邮件至:SET@cn.ab-inbev.com Questions: Any questions, please contact:SET@cn.ab-inbev.com (The subject shall be in the form of QUESTION-UNIVERSITY-MAJOR-MASTER\BACHELOR .) 金华灯具配附件价格